Zap smiling

Zap Monogan

In the TV series ‘Dex Hamilton The Alien Entomologist, Zap is the human/insect hybrid. He is a part of Dex’ ‘scientific’ group/crew.

Zap is a stubborn and laid-back person. His attitude often gets him into trouble and more then often gets on others nerves. Zap's rebellious ways get him into trouble with Dex, as shown in one episode where Zap crashes Dex’ space-craft.

He never talks about his family or his past life. He lets some things slip in some episode such as how he became a hybrid. It becomes known that he was created by an evil scientist who used Zap as a weapon. The scientist used his own DNA to create Zap’s human side which is why they look so similar.

He is obviously young, with his addiction to nightclubs and newer technology. He is the pilot, strength and speed of the crew. Without him, the habitat would fall apart.


Zap has brown/dark red hair and clear blue eyes. On his head he wears a pair of goggles. He has a black uniform with puffed up short sleeves and a pair of separate black gloves. He also wears a belt that is seen to be worn also by Dex and Tung. Zap wears tight jeans and boots that compliment his outfit. Zap’s wings are not always seen but there are two slits on the back of his shirt for when he decides to grow wings and fly. His wings look like those of a fly.

Over all, his appearance does catch the eyes of some, including Jenny 10, a fellow co-worker who has developed strong feelings for Zap.